Homemade Cream Ravioli with Corn Filling

In my most recent cooking class at the Gourmandise School of Cooking, we were taught how to make homemade pasta from scratch, including the filling! Here is a step by step tut...

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From messy to organized real quick

I am definitely aware of my internal neat-freak. I have always liked my environment and work space to be neat and efficient; it helps me focus. I blame that on my mom, who ha...

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At home cool down with Nike

After a short run through my neighborhood in my new Nike Frees, I took to my living room to squeeze in my favorite ab workouts. The best part about doing abs is that you only ...

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My stay at the Sweet Inn

Being back home is the greatest feeling. Sleeping in your own bed, seeing your friends, having a daily routine..There’s no place like it. The problem with being back home is...

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Back on my grind with Nike

Being back home means I have to get my butt back in shape. Between Paris, Israel, and Italy, you can imagine how difficult it was for me to contain myself. Perhaps difficult ...

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Top 5 of the moment..

Bold colors 1.) I have a thing for the color red, and I have an even bigger thing for Chanel. Combine the two, and I am happy as can be! When I first walked into the What Goes...

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