5 Affordable Make Up Musts


I hate having a lot of junk in my purse. Having small, scattered things throughout my purse seems overwhelming. Since I’m always on the go, whether its to pick up a smoothie or go to a casting, I need to have my basic makeup essentials accessible and organized.

I’ve always had a lot of guy friends and their number one rule for the appearance of a woman is: easy on the makeup. I have never met a man who loves a woman with cakey makeup and fake eyelashes on her face at all times. It doesn’t look natural and it seems that most men don’t mind the flaws and imperfections that we try so hard to cover up.

I narrowed down the small makeup bag in my everyday purse to carry only 5 must haves for any occasion.

1) Skin

When I started getting some discoloration around my chin from acne, I knew I needed to find a good foundation. I was always opposed to face makeup because I felt as though it felt heavy on me skin and clogged my pores. I also hate when you can see a woman’s foundation caked onto her skin. That was when my mom suggested I try Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer.
I fell in love with this product because it is light, moisturizing, and gives a “no makeup” appearance, while leaving your skin looking effortly flawless. I always applied the tinted moisturizer with my clean fingers, but after multiple makeup artists used the Beauty Blender on my skin, I decided to give the blender a try. This $20 egg shaped sponge may seem weird at first, but it applies makeup to your skin perfectly, making your face look literally airbrushed. This colorful little sponge makes the skin look dewy and actually feels like a mini-massage.


If you prefer to apply makeup with your fingers, that it totally your choice. As I said before, I like to stay as natural as possible, while still covering up little imperfections. There are 15 different shades of this tinted moisturizer, so you’re bound to find the perfect match. Right now, I’m wearing “natural” because my face is a bit more pale than usual. The biggest plus to Laura Mercier’s Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer is that it has Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen. This is incredibly important because sunscreen is essential to avoiding sun damage and wrinkles._MG_00462) Eyes

I never spend a lot of money on mascara. I’ve actually found that the best mascaras are at drug stores. After testing dozens of mascaras throughout the years, I found L’ORÉAL Voluminous Million Lashes Black Mascara. What I love about this mascara (besides its shiny, sleek, gold appearance) is it’s perfect balance between light and thick. Mascara should not be clumpy, but it needs to be noticeable. I get annoyed when my mascara becomes dry on my eyelashes and causes black flakes to fall under my eye. If you’re like me and don’t have long or full lashes, I recommend using an eyelash curler. Any brand will work. Eyelash curlers work wonders because they lift and elongate your lashes in order to give them a long and fuller appearance. You can find mine here: Lancome Eye Lash Curler._MG_01043) Lips

As for my lips, I always choose a rosey colored lip stain. I prefer lip stain over lip liner or lip stick because it is light and comfortable to wear all day. You don’t have to worry about reapplying or smudges. I also use lip stain on my cheeks instead of blush. I prefer lip stain over blush because it gives a dewey, radiant finish. It’s wet texture makes the skin look perfectly flushed. My go-to lip stain will always be Stila Pomegranate Crush Lip & Cheek Stain. The tube will last you a long time and it will make your cheeks look healthy, glowy, and radiant.


 4) Highlighter

Highlighter is a secret makeup tip that very few people who aren’t in the business know about. Highlighter is the ultimate secret to making skin looked refreshed and shimmery. I apply my highlighter with or without makeup right along my cheekbones, up to my temples, on the very tip of my nose, and a little on my lower chin. Nars Copacabana Illuminator is the cherry on the top to beaming skin. I have given every one of my girlfriends this little secret and they are all addicted to Nar’s liquid highlighter. I think the reason behind it’s success is that it catches the light so beautifully and creates a goddess-like reflection. (The shade I use is called “Copacabana”)


 5) Brows

For women with big bushy eyebrows, here is your tip: eyebrow gel. Sounds simple, but eyebrow gel can transform the shape of your face. I have never waxed my eyebrows, and I barely tweeze them, as I like to keep them full and wild. But even so, I still need some control of the direction in which my brows want to point. Black Radiance Clear Mascara & Brow Tamer Clear is $3 drug store solution will tame your brows while maintaining the thickness.

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Photos by Derren Versoza

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    I loved all of your makeup choices, and I could not agree more about less being more. I, too, rely solely on the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. I would really love to know about your skincare regimen, as you have incredible skin. Specifically, what face creams/moisturizers/serums you use. Thanks so much!!

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