At home cool down with Nike


After a short run through my neighborhood in my new Nike Frees, I took to my living room to squeeze in my favorite ab workouts. The best part about doing abs is that you only need a set of weights, if that!

This time, I chose to run through my neighborhood, which has many hills, making the run much more difficult. Inclines are always hard for me, and hard on my ankles. The first pain I feel while running inclines is in my tendon and lower ankles. After a big stretch and warm up, I took my new Nike Frees for their first run in my hood!

Although a pair of comfortable shoes is not the solution to my problem, it makes my run bearable and actually enjoyable! I wasn’t concentrating on the back of my heels because my feet were protected. The impact of each step was significantly less painful, and that is a big deal to me when doing something as tedious as running!

The terrain of my run is half concrete, and half dirt with rocks. Running on ground like that can be scary, but I felt safe in my Nike Frees and trusted my ankle wouldn’t twist on one of those rocks. I can thank the stable grip on the bottom of my shoes for holding me up. That rocky run has got nothing on my new Frees and I!

Don’t forget to purchase a pair of Nike Frees and try your 30-day trial now. A new exercise every day!

Here is the quick ab series I did to top off my run:

(5 lb weights throughout)

Start in a table top position with your weights against your chest. Do a basic crunch while extending your elbows behind your head.

  • 5 sets of 10
DSC03709 DSC03710

Your oblique’s new fave! Opposite arm with opposite leg. Your goal is to twist elbow-to-knee in every rep. Bend the corresponding leg, while extending the leg that is not working. This will also target your lower abs!

  • 3 sets of 12
DSC03716 DSC03717

Hello, cherry pickers! Extend your legs to the sky, as straight as possible. Opposite arm to opposite leg. Try to tap your weight to your ankle! Your range of motion here is very small- it is almost a pulse.

  • 3 sets of 10 on each leg
DSC03703 DSC03702

With your legs already extended from the “cherry pickers”, drop your legs to a 45 degree angle, you will feel this in your lower abs immediately. Straighten your legs and arms, and scissor! Stay in a crunched position throughout. Your arms should feel the burn as well. Pump your arms like you are in a pilates class! FAST!

  • 5 sets of 10
DSC03713 DSC03714

Take a nice stretch!