Being back home means I have to get my butt back in shape. Between Paris, Israel, and Italy, you can imagine how difficult it was for me to contain myself. Perhaps difficult is not the right word; I should say impossible! I’ve always believed that you should indulge and enjoy yourself on vacation, whatever that means for you.

Because I am always on-call for jobs, I must keep myself in relatively good shape all year round. Even when I am indulging in pita, hummus, and falafel, I keep myself physically active. While traveling, the easiest way to keep your body in shape is to walk, walk, and walk. If you have a big meal, try to walk it off while exploring the city. Take as little cars and subways as possible, and you will be able to burn off most of your indulgence. There is something unique about exploring on foot, as you get to navigate and learn as you go. As opposed to when you get in a taxi, you’re distracted checking your phone until you’ve reached your destination.

Another practical workout that I love while traveling is jump rope. It is light and easy to pack. 30 minutes a day of cardio will keep you right where you want to be. Realistically, you are not going to be dragging weights, yoga matts, bands throughout your vacation. Be honest with yourself and pack intelligently. You know what is realistic for you!

Nike’s compression pants have saved me this summer. I sweat quite a bit, especially when I am doing my go-to: hot yoga. The dry-fit fabric and mesh is meant to enhance airflow in areas that give off heat. Compression pants will remove sweat and moisture as it builds during your performance. It’s tight, body-gripping material also gives the booty a nice shape, ladies!


This high support sports bra is wire-free and and helps prevent bounce for women with a bigger bust. Since I first hit puberty, I’ve struggled to find sports bras that will supports me through boxing, running, and all cardio training. For a while, I had horrible cramps in my chest from running. I later asked my doctor why I was in so much pain when I ran, and he said it may have to do with the level of support my bra is giving me. Wearing underwire affects my comfort level so much, which is why this wire-freebra is perfect for any kind of training!

DSC03662 (1)DSC03680

I have been training in Nike Free since I first started taking exercise seriously. My freshman year of high school, I made the soccer and volleyball team, which turned my lifestyle around. I had always been athletic, but nothing could compare to this. Soccer conditioning started the summer before entering high school; it was brutal. We had to build stamina by running miles in the scorching Californian sun. I soon learned that I had achilles tendonitis and chin splints (quite common in runners and soccer players). My doctor suggested trying a shoe which had more support and padding. My Nike Free’s worked with me throughout that rough summer, and since then, they have been my go-to training shoes.

Nike Free’s are a lightweight running shoe custom for dynamic agility and multi-athletic purposes. I challenge YOU to participate in Nike’s 30-day training challenge! Test out your new pair of Nike Frees for a different workout everyday for 30 days! Whether this means at home, at the gym, or outdoors, Nike is offering 30-day free returns, but I guarantee you won’t be returning! Make sure to do versatile movements, and give it your all. Really test these shoes out and see if they can support you, like they did me. DSC03678

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