Beach Wave Tutorial


Its no secret that beach hair is the best hair. The combination of sea salt, humidity, summer heat, and sunshine create effortless, disheveled, sensual waves. But there is definitely a secret in getting beach hair without the privilege of mother earth.


Most of my beach photo shoots have professional hair and makeup artists whose inspiration for the day is “beachy goddess glow”. I’ve had this hair and makeup done to me a billion times. But, truth is, I’m definitely not professional in either hair or makeup, so I need something simple and efficient that is easy enough for me to do in my own environment.

It’s hard to replicate the exact smell and texture of hair fresh out of ocean water, but with the right tools, I can get you pretty close.


1) Don’t wash your hair before doing this look.

Dirty hair works best because it has volume and holds the curls better. I’m not saying let your hair drip in oil, but give it a day after the wash. If you’re hair is freshly cleaned, you’re going to have to use a lot more product than normal to give it a dirty texture.

2)  Give yourself a decent blowout.

If you have super curly hair naturally, give yourself a decent blowout to make your hair straighter. It doesn’t need to be pin-straight, but straight enough to start from a clean canvas.

3) Use thick curlers to get this look.

Personally, I find it much easier to use a thick rod curling iron. I use the Hot Tools Gold Curling Iron 1.5 inch. I chose Hot Tools because it is affordable and straightforward, and many hair stylists recommended it to me. When going for this look, it’s best to use wider curling irons to create a looser wave, rather than a Shirley Temple ringlet (the actress from Annie, not the drink). With whichever curling iron you choose to use, make sure its 1.5-2 inch thick.

MG_0231-1170x17554) Lightly wave your hair.

Start small, you can always do more. If your curler is super hot, start with only 5 seconds on each piece of hair. This is subjective to everyone because some people have thicker hair than others and vise verse. Figure out what temperature is right for you and get a groove going.MG_0274-1170x17555) Loosen up the waves.

Once you’ve lightly waved all of your hair, go over some of the curly pieces with a low-temperature hair straightener to loosen up the waves and make it look more effortless. To give your hair some volume and keep it in place throughout the day, use L’oreal Paris Elnett Hairspray. You can buy it at your local pharmacy and its less than $10. I’ve seen the top hair stylists of the world use this spray. For the “cherry on the top”, toss your hair in front of you and spray some “Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray”.MG_0317-1170x780Shake it up, run your fingers through your hair, and you have mastered the “ beach wave ”!MG_0415-2-1170x1755

Dress by Free People

Photos by Derren Versoza 

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