Before Breakfast


In one way or another, we are all victims of busy schedules, poor eating habits, and not taking care of our bodies. There is mental and physical peace in knowing that even though you are sometimes slacking, you’re giving back to your body in other ways.

Waking up is pretty easy for me. I can be out of bed and ready to go in 10 minutes, which comes in handy with my early call time for work. I like to sleep until the very last minute..

Since I don’t drink coffee and I’m not usually hungry for breakfast, I make myself an easy, yummy acai bowl. Ingredients here:

When I have extra time in the morning, I like to take care of myself. I recently started researching and experimenting with vitamins and liquids that help kickstart my day.

Green Vibrance

I came across Green Vibrance, which is a powerful, probiotic green powder that mixes with water. It is a dietary supplement unlike any other with organic fruit and vegetable concentrates, probiotics, enzymes and herb extracts. It nourishes your body with the vitamins and nutrients it lacks. You can read all about the hundreds of benefits Green Vibrance has online.


I take it in the morning, before having water or breakfast. You can take it at anytime in the day. It tastes like dirt, but your tastes buds with get used to it!

Water with lemon


I swear by water with lemon. So does, Beyonce, Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Campbell, and the list goes on. It is a universal beauty secret for keeping your skin and body looking and feeling young.

I’m good at sticking to water all day. I don’t like the taste of soda, which is a major relief. Water all day everyday gets boring; I change it up by drinking adding slices of cucumbers, oranges, or mixed fruit to give it a more exciting taste.

Some people don’t know, but when you wake up in the morning, your body needs water the most because your body dehydrates while you sleep.


Tip: Drink a cup of hot water with squeezed lemons first thing when you wake up in the morning. It will deeply hydrate your body and help move things around.

Already drink warm water with lemon? Change up your morning routine by adding:

  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Raw Organic Honey
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Now, don’t hate me for suggesting apple cider vinegar… I know it tastes terrible. But the benefits it has in alkalizing your body is off the charts! It is a sacrifice well worth it. Your insides will be very happy!

If you can tolerate gnarly tastes, take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in the form of a shot. If that is easier for you, then by all means!

All this may come off as time consuming…But, once you get a routine down, you can finish the Green Vibrance, water with lemon, and breakfast smoothie in under 10 minutes. Like with anything, you have to get used to it.

These 3 tips alone will strengthen your body and immune system for whatever you have planned in the day.

Don’t feel guilty if it takes you a second to incorporate this into your diet. A small attempt is a big step towards a healthier lifestyle. If you don’t do this daily, or even weekly, make it a priority to stock up on vitamins and superfoods before traveling or taking a big trip. When your immune system begins to weaken, Green Vibrance and vitamins can be of big help in preventing sickness.