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If you haven’t already cruised through Black Jaguar White Tiger‘s Instagram account, you should do so now.

With 4.5 million followers, Eduardo is becoming a social media phenomenon, for all of the right reasons. People from around the globe are talking about BJWT.

I met Eduardo Serio, the owner of the foundation, in LA around 5 years ago through mutual friends. We remained in contact over the years via Facebook once he moved out of LA.

Neither I nor anyone else could have anticipated what Eduardo’s life would later become.

After moving back to his hometown of Mexico City, Eduardo received a call from his cousin, who was seemingly frustrated. His cousin explained that a pet store in Monterrey was trying to sell a baby jaguar, with intentions of abusing it. In countries where they can get away with it, pet stores try to sell these kinds of animals as tourist attractions and a way to make business. People will stop on the street and pay to take a picture with a jaguar who is completely drugged out. Eduardo couldn’t allow this to happen. He knew it was an opportunity to do something great, despite not knowing the slightest about jaguars.

What did he do? He adopted a black jaguar, and named him “Cielo”. Little did Eddie know, his life was about to take a 360 degree turn.

I remember scrolling through Facebook in 2014 and coming across Eddie’s page. He had pictures of a black jaguar swimming in the pool of his backyard. I was confused, and obviously curious. I thought that he was messing around, and it would be temporary. Every time I would go on Facebook, I would skim through his page and it seemed that the number of animals was multiplying. He was posting videos on his private account of tigers and jaguars licking his face and ears. Not going to lie, I thought he had gone crazy!

I finally made it down to Mexico City to visit him and his children (that is what he calls his animals) in May of last year.

He has Stage 1, which is in his home, where the babies stay. He keeps them in his property until they are about 4 months old, while they build their strength. Once they are big enough, he sends them to Stage 2, which is about 30 minutes from his home. There, they get space to roam and play; sometimes alone, sometimes together.

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