Black is the Warmest Color


There is no such thing as “too much black”. Whoever tells you that you are wearing too much black is lying to you and you should walk away from them.

Black is the most versatile and easy color to pair. No matter what, you always know you can rely on black ti complete an outfit and make you appear slimmer.

I invested in these leather pants, and I promise you, I haven’t taken them off. They are the only pair of leather pants that I own. I say: buy less, but buy good. I prefer to buy one expensive item, than 3 decent items that I don’t love. The name of the game is to invest in life long pieces. If you believe that you can keep an item forever, get it.

People used to make fun of me in middle school because I wore chokers and now, I can’t seem to get away from them! Lately, I’ve been pairing chokers with any outfit. Don’t want to spend money on a choker? Make one at home. The great thing is you can make practically any black strip of material into a choker by just tying it around your neck. Look for a velvet or silk string around your home, and cut it to where it hugs your neck.


Photos by Derren Versoza

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