Casual Cropped Turtleneck


Although California is known for it’s glamorous weather, don’t be fooled: it can get super chilly at night, even in the summer. My go-to duo on a chilly summer night is a pair of vintage Levi denim shorts (preferably 501’s) and a cashmere sweater or turtleneck. When I say I loved cropped sweaters, I mean ones that are long enough to touch your belly button. They should always be paired with something high waisted, so that you avoid making the outfit look trashy and balance how much skin is exposed. Try to find a turtleneck that is 100% cashmere, so it keeps you warm and comfy.

Make your fashion priority to search for a good pair of jean shorts  that you can wear to the ground.  In summer, mix it up by dressing it with a tank top and leather jacket, or a vintage tee and a denim jacket (Canadian tuxedos are always a good idea)!

AaronHaxton-IMG_9521 AaronHaxton-IMG_9556 AaronHaxton-IMG_9664 AaronHaxton-IMG_9683 AaronHaxton-IMG_9720Photos by Aaron Woolf Haxton

Hair and makeup by Suzie K


  • Kelly Romet

    Always loving your blog! keep up the good posts Cami :) and you look gorgeous as always ….
    kisses from France