Baby Braids and Buckle Belts

I’ve been mixing thin, messy braids into my beach waves waves to give me the ultimate hippy look. If you make the braids thin and loosen them up with your friends, they will blend perfectly with the texture of your hair. I usually only do it when my hair has some product or texture, so that it looks like it is part of my natural hair. I never use a ponytail at the ends; I let it fade out naturally. It is an easy little touch that people will notice!

The time has come where I have to reveal my belt secret. I discovered B-Low the Belt on Instagram a couple of months ago and went belt crazy on their website during Cyber Monday, when there was a huge sale. I’ve never been one to wear belts until I found them. I had been searching for a western buckle belt for a while, and never found the perfect one online. Belts are hard to buy online because you never know what the quality of the leather will be like in person. B-Low the Belt will never disappoint.

As for my new shades, they’re Garrett Leight. They’re from his newest collection, and I changed the original lens. I’m feeling the reflective, mirrored sunnies this spring. Garrett Leight will change the lens of your sunglasses to whichever ones you like at any of his Los Angeles stores. You can even have lenses custom made with the colors of your choice!

Photos by Aaron Haxton

Hair and Makeup by Suzie K