Being back home is the greatest feeling. Sleeping in your own bed, seeing your friends, having a daily routine..There’s no place like it.

The problem with being back home is that the withdrawals begin. I’ve only been back for 24 hours, yet I’m already missing Europe! Europe’s nightlife, food scene, history, culture, fashion, and landscape is unlike any other place I have been to. My favorite thing about Europe is that almost any destination is a short plane or train ride away.

You can have breakfast in the South of France, lunch in Paris, and dinner in London- all in one day! Of course that would be an excessively long travel day, but you get the point. I traveled within Europe for 6 weeks, visited 8 countries, and never sat in a plane for more than 2 hours.

My travels began in London, where I spent 4 days taking meetings and working. I booked the Eurostar train from Paris to London at 9 am, and ended up missing my train because I didn’t know I had to print your ticket at check in 30 minutes prior to departure. I wasn’t able to get on a train until 3pm because every train was overbooked. To say the least, I learned my lesson and will never be late to a train again!

There are handful of places in the world that I could see myself living in; Paris is one of those places. There is something about the city that I have connected with since I was little. In fact, I lived in Paris with my parents when I was 2 years old. My dad was modeling around Europe, so my mom and I were based in Paris together. Apparently, I have been a cheese-lover since birth; my parents would find me hidden underneath the kitchen table stuffing my face with the stinkiest cheese. Tres chic!

Now that I am 19 and able to travel for work, I find myself spending a significant amount of time in Europe, especially in Paris. Since this trip was more for pleasure than it was business, I decided to try something new and live like a Parisian. Instead of booking a hotel, I stayed at the Sweet Inn, which is arguably better than staying at a hotel.

The best way to describe a stay at the Sweet Inn is a 5-star apartment, with the same luxury services as a hotel: housekeeping, airport transfer, wifi, food delivery, linen change.

Upon arrival, you are contacted by a host who aids in organizing your trip. Your host will take care of recommending the neighborhood’s coolest restaurants only a local would know. In my experience, every time I ask the concierge of a hotel where I should go, they send me to the most touristy, bougie spots. Any city that I visit, I want to know the best places to hang, shop, drink, walk around.

The Sweet Inn’s spacious apartments are hard to find in a city like Paris, which is infamous for it’s small living quarters. Even the hotel rooms I have stayed at in Paris are cramped; it reminds me of New York City in that way. Their variety of apartments range from Montmartre (Northern Paris), Saint-Germain-des-Pres (young, hip area), Le Marais (fashionable). There is an apartment for each person that will fit their needs! For those during a European tour, the Sweet Inn has additional destinations in Rome, Tel Aviv, and Brussels!

And of course, the first thing that my OCD self did when I arrived in Paris was unpack!