Chino Moro’s Paradise in Tulum


As you may have seen on my Instagram, I recently visited one of my favorite places in the world: Tulum.

Before I make a long list of all the things you must see and do when visiting Tulum, I want to bring attention to one of the most amazing houses I’ve seen.

After years of living in the concrete jungle of New York City, Argentinian fashion photographer (and good friend) Chino Moro packed up his life and moved to the real jungle in Mexico. Chino used to work with my dad when he was a famous male model in the 90’s. Funny enough, Chino is shooting me now! It’s a small world, and it’s an even smaller fashion world.

Chino bought a small piece of land in the middle of nowhere, in Tulum, that was full of vegetation. It took him 1 year to build the main structure of the house, and it has been a 7 year journey of decorating to get where it is today. I know you’re thinking that 7 years might as well be a billion years…But every corner of the house is so delicately and passionately designed. It’s like a canvas; he just keeps adding on as time goes by. He has collected pieces for his home throughout his life during his world travels.

I love this house so much, that I thought it would be fun to take you through a tour of the property.

(I apologize for the amount of pictures, this house is just too photogenic!)

The entrance:


This is my favorite part about Chino’s property. The blue water that looks like a pool is actually a natural “cenote“. A cenote is a natural pit resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. Tulum is full of public cenotes, which is one of the biggest tourist attractions. Having a private cenote in your backyard makes you that much luckier.DSC01732Dream catchers are everywhere in Tulum. Chino has been designing and selling his own dream catchers lately.DSC01739DSC01744The outdoor BBQ:DSC01777DSC01765Inside the home:


DSC01847 DSC01868 DSC01857
DSC01884 DSC01858 DSC01886

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