Day Dreaming Tulum Style


There is something magical to be said about dream catchers. The way they warm a room is hard to explain. The first time I fell in love with dream catchers was in Tulum, where they cover nearly every hotel room.

Hotels sell them at a costly price; however, if you venture into the local “pueblo”, which translates to “small town”, you will find authentic dream catchers and the artists who make them. A hotel can sell a dream catcher for up to $400, whereas you can find the exact one made by the same artist in the pueblo for $30.

I brought one home with me and placed it above my couch, which some say defeats the purpose of a dream catcher. Truthfully, I would place it above my bed where it belongs, but there is no room because of my dramatically tall bed frame.

I found the small shop below on the side of a hidden road about 5 miles away from the main street in Tulum. The genius behind the dream catchers demonstrated the detailed process of making every piece. I observed him with great admiration, for he is a true artist in his element. Watching that man do the thing that he was born to do was heartwarming in every sense. I feel like it is quite rare to see people doing what makes them happy nowadays.

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