Flowers & Mason Jars


When I got my own apartment, I promised myself to get fresh flowers at least once a week. Luckily, there is a flower shop on just about every corner in NYC. Buying flowers is a $12 present to your home that will change the entire aesthetic and instantly brighten it up.

Flower vases are overrated; I am loving using mason jars that I found in my kitchen cabinet. I leave one in the windowsill, one on my nightstand, and one on my bathroom sink. Lately, I look foward to going to the flower shop because I’ve become friends with the man who works there, and he gives me the inside scoop on which flowers are the best purchase. Talk to a floral specialist and ask them which flowers are close to blooming. Sometimes it is hard to tell by just looking at them and you have to ask a professional on their opinion. There is a perfect window when buying flowers; you don’t want to buy them when they are too young or too old.

Pick however many individual stems you will be using
DSC03326Lay them next to the mason jar to see where you will need to cut themDSC03336Cut them where the mason jar ends

  • Always cut in a diagonal direction
  • Purchase flower scissors. They are $8 and very worth it!
  • DSC03353(Optional) Hand pick off the leaves for a cleaner look


Fill the mason jar half way with water

  • I heard putting a pill of Aspirin in the water makes the flowers last longer..try it!

  • srh

    If U cut the flower stems in water, allowing the first thing drawn up to be pure H2O, they last much longer.