For Love & Lemons


Now that I’ve seen this dress, I cannot live without it. I am in love with the details around the chest and waist. The way the arms and waist are tailored make the dress look custom fitted to your body.

Californians are in an in-between stage of winter and summer. One day of the week can be freezing, and the next can be sunny and hot. The long sleeves make the dress suitable for both seasons. It reminds me of something I would wear in Tulum.

For those wondering, the braid in my hair was so simple to do. First, you braid a thick piece of hair in the front of your face. Then, you put a rubber band on it and loosen the tightness of the braid with your fingers. Bobby pin it back where you want it and viola!
AaronHaxton-IMG_4322 AaronHaxton-IMG_4330 AaronHaxton-IMG_4374 AaronHaxton-IMG_4376 AaronHaxton-IMG_4430 AaronHaxton-IMG_4463 AaronHaxton-IMG_4467

Photos by Aaron Haxton

Hair & Makeup by Suzie K

  • sophie turner

    Hi Cami! i just wanted you to know that you are my inspiration. I wish i could have your body! you´re so beautiful and so successful. Love u and kisses from Argentina! Ps: i love your new youtube channel