My New Years Resolutions:


I keep promising myself that I am going to sit down and write all of my resolutions for 2016. There is something about physically writing things down that makes it concrete.

Take cooking classes

After living in New York alone for a few months, I realized I need to learn how to cook. And I’m not talking about throwing frozen pasta on the stove. I’m talking about learning how to really cook. I was the only child of divorced parents for 18 years, therefore I didn’t have sit down family dinners every night. My mom would cook something basic or order food for me. She’s not the best chef, and she has no intension of being it. My dad, on the other hand, cooks shockingly well. He can whip up pretty much anything and make it look super easy. He isn’t gourmet, by any means, but he can hold his own in a kitchen. My boyfriend is one of 5 kids, and his mom cooks up a feast every night of the week. Something about a home cooked meal is special, and I want to be able to give that to my friends, family, and children one day.

I took initiative and booked my first cooking class at the Gourmandise School of Cooking in Los Angeles. I am taking “Cooking with Herbs” and “Pizza Night”. I’m excited to take “Cooking with Herbs” this week because it teaches you how to dry your own herbs, create custom blends and know when to cook with which herbs. I have to take a “Knife Essentials” class in the next couple of weeks to learn the basics. I will talk more about these classes once I take them!

Practice Yoga every week

Yoga keeps me sane. If I go too long without taking a yoga class, I get anxiety. My muscles tense up, and I can’t focus as well. It helps me clear my mind and pay attention to muscles that get neglected during other workouts. I want to make sure I squeeze in at least 2 yoga practices per week. I can even roll out a matt in my living room and get in a 20 minute practice. It doesn’t need to be a fancy, hour-long class. I’ve noticed that my lower back tenses up at work from wearing heels all day; the solution is to do a 2 minute vinyasa circuit. After that, I feel refreshed and my energy is boosted.

Write for the blog

I want to be consistent with my writing for the blog and make sure that I’m always jotting down ideas that cross my mind. Between modeling, acting, and having somewhat of a social life, it gets hard to sit down and write for hours. This year, I want to dedicate time to writing everyday. Whether it be on my phone, notepad, or computer, I’m going to write down every thought, big or small. The ones that I think are worth sharing with the world are the ones that I will post on the blog.

Go to Greece

Greece has been on my bucket list ever since I can remember. I have been to many places in Europe, yet never had the opportunity to visit Greece. Paris, London, and Rome are the greatest cities in the world, and I cannot imagine how beautiful Mykonos must be. I have been told August is the best month to visit.

Visit more museums

I’m proud to say I have been going to museums quite often lately. I used to find them boring, probably because my mom would force me to go with her. Maybe I was just too young to understand what I was looking at. I feel as though now I have more of a sense of what kind of art I enjoy and what resonates with me. I want to continue visiting as many art exhibitions as I can throughout 2016.

Spend time with my siblings

I have a 2 year old brother and a 3-month old sister that live in Santa Barbara. They are the best things in my life and I am obsessed with them. Living between NY and LA gets hard because it makes me split my time with them. Between that and finding the time to drive up to Santa Barbara while I’m in LA is challenging. Their age is so precious and I will never get this time with them again, so I want to soak in every minute of it!

Get involved in a charity

For years, I have said I wanted to get involved with a charity that speaks to me. I have done some research and I have found a few charities that I feel passionate about. If you choose to get involved in a charity, you have to make sure it something that is important to you, or else it is hard to find interest in it. Or so it seems.

Fresh Flowers

There is nothing better than having fresh flowers around your home. It is a $15 luxury that will change the mood and smell of any room. Plus, flowers are so gorgeous to look at and they are truly the cherry on the top.

This list may be ambitious, but a girl can dream!


  • Sophie

    ¡Hola Cami!

    Im a travel writer from Argentina and I love your blog and all your photos.

    I´ve just read you would love to go to Greece; I write a blog about this fantastic country, where all my father´s family live and where I (luckley) travel every summer.

    Take a look on it!

    I posted a Mykonos Guide the last week with the top things to do in Mykonos (and best places to eat!)

    Hope you enjoy it and feel free to ask me anything you need for your dreamy trip :)


    Sofía Stavrou
    Travel Writer

  • Marina Gkritzioudi

    If you ever need a place to stay in Greece, I gotchu ♡