Nude on Nude


Coming into Spring, I am incorporating camel into almost every outfit. Camel turtleneck knits, floor length coats, and even bicker jackets haven taken over my wardrobe..move aside black!

I love the imperfection that comes with pairing different tones when creating a monochrome, cool girl look. I have to give some credit to Kim Kardashian for inspiring me to try a floor length coat in nude. She knows how to wear her nudes!

There are no rules. It is trial and error. You will notice when you try something on that doesn’t work. You will definitely notice when you try something that works perfectly. You can wear a light shade of camel as a dress, and a darker shade as a coat, and vise-versa! Just have fun with it and don’t worry too much about making your outfit look perfectly put together.

Inspired by this look, Suzie did bronze-gold makeup on my eyes for the first time and I loved it. I’m going to make a tutorial with her to demonstrate how she achieved this look!
AaronHaxton-IMG_9328 AaronHaxton-IMG_9382 AaronHaxton-IMG_9395 AaronHaxton-IMG_9418 AaronHaxton-IMG_9421 AaronHaxton-IMG_9407 AaronHaxton-IMG_9433 AaronHaxton-IMG_9449 AaronHaxton-IMG_9485 AaronHaxton-IMG_9488

Photos by Aaron Haxton

Hair & Makeup by Suzie K

Dress by Reformation (Rochelle Dress in nude)

Jacket by Sofia Sarkany (similar one by Topshop here)

  • Lindsay

    yessssss this look is everything

  • Hannah Li

    yo your style is on point