Plum Lip Tutorial with Cami Morrone & Nia Joy


Happy Holidays and a very happy New Years Eve! 2015 has been an amazing year and I couldn’t be more excited for what next year has to offer!

One of my favorite makeup trends of this year was this malaga-wine colored lip. Strong lips are everything, and I’m sure they will be an even bigger trend in 2016! Comment your favorite lip color of 2015.

Plum Lip Tutorial

Video by Derren Versoza


  • mak1675

    Choker Envy-
    Hi Cami! In love w your style & work. Do you mind divulging where you picked up that lovely little choker of yours with the tiny embellishment and two swooped gold chains? xx

    • Cami Morrone

      Hi! Thank you! My choker is from Jacquie Aiche (the Sama Haya collection)! x

  • Mary Storts

    I love all your tutorials! What color lip liner and lipstick are you using?

    • Cami Morrone

      Thank you! I attached a link to shop the exact colors I’m using in the post! x