As a Coachella veteran, I know the festival inside and out. I sound old when I say this, but this is my 4th year in a row attending! Every year, I pick up a new trick for the following festival. It takes a couple of festivals to get the hang of where to stay, what to bring, what time to go, etc. ModCloth is coming around this year to help make your festival experience easy and stylish.


I’m not ashamed to admit that I am that annoying friend who is constantly reminding people to stay hydrated. Although I don’t drink 2 gallons of water a day, I’m still on top of my hydration.

During festivals, especially ones held in deserts, your body uses more water than you can image. The combination of dancing, running, and 100 degree weather will quickly dehydrate your body. Take care of yourself and try to drink water throughout the day. If you think carrying a water bottle around is lame, there is a way to do it in style. This woven floral water bottle tote will make your bottle of water look like a superstar.


If I seem like an advocate of water, just wait until you hear me rant about sunscreen. I don’t know how to instill in brains that sunscreen is vital for everyday life, and even more vital during times like festivals.

I guarantee you don’t know how damaging the amounts of rays you’re receiving are. People believe that if they don’t feel direct sunlight, they’re safe from the sun..that is false! Times when you think there is no sun are the times you get the most burnt. Tip: Buy an SPF that will last you all day. Apply it on your face, but don’t forget to apply it on your shoulders and chest as well.


You will be thanking me for this! Your eyes will be killing you after a days worth in the sun without protection.


I love when someone brings a blanket to a festival because the reality is: we all end up using it at some point. Whether it’s a resting spot between performers, or a picnic blanket for lunch, you’ll make good use of it. Some of my favorite festival memories have been eating pizza while sharing a big blanket with my best friends.

The hesitation most people have, including myself, is that it is annoying to shlep around a blanket all day. Where are you gonna put it? Isn’t it going to be annoying to drag around? ModCloth designed a blanket that comes with straps, making it easy to sling over your shoulder and carry through your adventures.

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