Quick post-workout snacks


After a workout, I am usually too lazy to cook a whole meal. Snacking is faster, cleaner, and just as tasty. On a typical day, I have to fuel up and run out of the house quickly. I need food that is going to fill me up and give me the energy I need throughout the day. The best part about these snacks is that you can take almost any of them out the door with you!

Apples with almond butter

Slicing up green or red apples and dipping them in either crunchy or creamy almond butter is everything. The combination of a juicy apple with a rough, creamy texture melts in your mouth. Put it in a to-go container and bring it with you to work or on a plane!almond-butter-with-apples

Chia seed pudding with granola and mixed berries

Chia seeds are my new thing. I either sprinkle them on top of my smoothie, or eat the pudding as dessert. Parfaits are so easy to make: fill a cup or bowl with yogurt or chia seed pudding, sprinkle organic granola, and throw on some berries!tumblr_n0jals6JEc1sq2yywo1_500

Avocado toast with lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper

I eat a minimum of 2 avocados per day. I can eat a plain avocado with a spoon, slice it up on toast, or dice it up with my eggs. Avocado goes with almost everything, in my book. My favorite use of avocado is avocado toast, either mashed up or sliced, with coconut oil or olive oil, red pepper chili flakes, salt and pepper.tumblr_o5obtje5qT1v42vt7o1_500

Almond butter with banana toast

Instead of PB & Js, I do AB & B (almond butter & bananas)! I use Ezekiel bread, aka sprouted grain bread. If I have a sweet tooth, I’ll drizzle honey or cinnamon on top.banana+walnut+almond+butter+toast

Hummus dip with pita or veggies

Hummus is the easiest, cleanest snack ever. Buy an arrangement of veggies,such as: carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, or celery and dip them into your hummus straight out of the jar! No plates needed. For those not watching their weight, use baked pita chips for a delicious crunch.

(Photos courtesy of TheAlmondEater, OvenofLovin, NaturalNoshing)


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