Revolve was the first casting I ever went to when I signed to L.A. Models at 15 years old. Working for them always brings up that memory and it is crazy to think about how much has changed since the first time I walked into their offices. Growing up, every adult would say to me, “Enjoy your youth because it will go by quickly!” They were right, time is flying now! I guess sometimes adults have a thing or two to teach us..

Like most jobs, I started this day having no idea of what the creative direction was going to be, the wardrobe, and even the location of the shoot. When I pulled up to this home, I instantly knew we were going to be going for a 70s vibe, just based off the architecture of the rental home. The hair and makeup was minimalistic and clean, primarily because the clothes are the main focus. Working with this team was amazing, as always!
01.22.16_REV_W_0451 01.22.16_REV_W_0720 01.22.16_REV_W_0976 01.22.16_REV_W_1136 01.22.16_REV_W_1620 01.22.16_REV_W_1722 01.22.16_REV_W_1748 01.22.16_REV_W_2119 01.22.16_REV_W_2342 01.22.16_REV_W_2790 01.22.16_REV_W_3556

Photos by Bret Lemke

  • Luna

    Que amadaaa me encanta tu blog tu estilo… ojalas que un día publiques sobre tu rutina capilar.. Besos desde Chile

  • Alejandra

    Please show us your skincare routine and tips here or in youtube pleasee!

  • Lindsay

    all these outfits!!!! 😍 😍

  • Rock the streets

    Para mí, sos la modelo más bella y talentosa que hay. Te admiro y te deseo lo mejor siempre.