Say yes to Korean Spas


Do you ever feel like getting scrubbed down like a new born baby?

If so, your answer is a Korean Spa. Living in LA, I have K-Town pretty close to me. After a long week of shooting, I head down to Korea Town at night, and get a serious scrub down.

I’m going to warn you that most Korean Spas in LA are not glamorous. If you’re looking for the Four Seasons, don’t go to Korea Town. It’s not a 5 star resort.

My first experience at a Korean Spa was interesting. I went with my mom for her birthday, and she forgot to mention to 13-year-old me that I had to be butt naked. Although I’ve always been comfortable with nudity, I wasn’t exactly prepared to walk around a spa naked with a mid-puberty body. I was hesitant and slightly embarrassed to be amongst naked women, but it helped me step further out of my comfort zone.

This is how it goes down:

  • You walk in, get a locker number, towel, robe, and slippers
  • You head to the “amenities room”, where they have saunas, steams, jade rooms, ice rooms, healing rooms, and different temperature pools
  • A Korean woman takes you back to the treatment room, which is an open-stall
  • She gives you a hard body scrub to remove all the dead skin cells from your body
  • Once she has scrubbed you down for 30 minutes, you get a deep tissue massage in warm honey, a freshly-sliced cucumber mask, and a hair wash
  • To finish up, they stretch you and soak you in cold milk

If that doesn’t sound heavenly to you, we can’t be friends.

My favorite Korean Spas in LA are:

  • Olympic Spa
  • Wii Spa
  • Natura Spa
  • Grand Spa

(Photo not mine)

  • Jaewon Lee
    I think it’s the latest video of Korean spa from Conan show:p
    But as I’m Korean and living in Korea, the actual facilities of Korean spa are not like that good as Cami wrote lol
    Even on a video(the link), they’re facilities are soooooo good
    Btw Korean spa is pretty cool when you wanna give some freshness on your body haha have a nice day to y’all!<3