Soft Contour Tutorial with Cami Morrone & Nia Joy


I’m not a big fan of extreme contouring, although it seems to be quite trendy right now. Luckily, my girlfriend and professional makeup artist, Nia Joy, isn’t a fan either. Together, we decided to do a tutorial on “natural contouring“. Although it may seem like I was just sitting in her makeup chair, I actually learned a lot!

Do not expect to see my face change drastically in this video, because that is not the objective. I like to look as natural as possible, and I prefer the “no makeup” look.

Everyone’s response to last week’s Eyebrow Tutorial was overwhelming positive and I could not be happier. Keep commenting and reaching out with any requests you would like to see us do!

Tune in next week for …a Cat Eye Tutorial! x

Soft Contour Tutorial

Video by Derren Versoza

  • Sofia

    Te amo flacaa sos divina. Ni un gramo de maquillaje necesitas

  • clair the eyetraveller

    you should do a skincare video!

  • Haley

    love all of your posts! Please make a video tutorial on your everyday face makeup/skin care routine. Your skin is flawless! Thanks for all the helpful tips! Keep posting and best wishes XOXO