Stepping Stone


My obsession with brick walls continues!

As we are approaching spring on the West Coast, I’m allowing some lighter colors to creep into my wardrobe again. That doesn’t mean that I’m saying bye to black forever; just a small break in our relationship.

I just started to pack all of my winter clothes into my extra closet because I know I won’t be needing them anymore. I recommend doing that to anyone who has the extra closet space. It is so overwhelming to have puffy jackets and scarves taking up space in your closet when you’re not going to be wearing them. Take 30 minutes to separate the heavy “winter” gear to make the transition into Spring easier. Even if you don’t have an extra closet, you can buy big tupperware and store it under your bed. Your closet will instantly look like its lost weight!


Photos by Derren Versoza

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