The Art of Snacking


I’m always on the go and I’m a hungry girl. Ask anyone who knows me, I can eat.

I avoid buying food at airports, gas stations, and big commercial supermarkets because the food is rarely organic, and full of preservatives and chemicals.

Don’t get it twisted. I’m not obsessed with healthy eating. I love my pizza and my flaming hot cheetos. But picking up a healthy snack is easy and makes me feel a little less guilty about all of the other crap I eat.

It’s all about balance.

When I’m working on set, the lunch selection is usually big, so I don’t have to supply my own food. The days when I’m not on set, I’m running around to castings, meetings, auditions, and the gym. Sometimes I’m in the car for hours without having a second to stop and eat.

I’m one of those people that just has 2 really, really big meals a day and is full. I don’t have an appetite in the morning; I like a big lunch lunch and an even bigger dinner.

I know a nutritionist would probably yell at me because I’m supposed to “eat like a King for breakfast, like a Queen for lunch, and like a peasant for dinner”.

Though that set up sounds ideal, I enjoy going out for a great meal for dinner.

I have recently made it a habit to bring some healthy snacks with me on the days that I know I’m going to be super busy. Apparently, snacking throughout the day speeds up your metabolism and helps burn off food faster.

I’m currently obsessed with Almond Butter. If you’ve never heard of almond butter, it’s just like peanut butter but much healthier. (I put a scoop of almond butter in my smoothies and replaced peanut butter with it on my PB & Js) A lot of models eat almond butter before going to an event or walking the runway because it fills you up and doesn’t make your belly big.

Seaweed snacks are delicious. You can get seaweed with wasabi if you like spicy, or you can do low-sodium seaweed if you are trying to avoid bloating.

Almonds. I prefer them heavily salted, because I am obsessed with salt, but they are healthier without.

Dried fruit is my new thing. I found dried fruit to be the only healthy snack they sell at airports. I pick the combinations of mangos, apples, peaches.

KIND bars are great for on the go. They sell the bars pretty much everywhere in the US. My favorite flavor is the coconut, sea-salt bar.

I love to take a banana with me on the road because it gives me fuel for a few hours. It is easy to dispose of, and doesn’t make a mess. I smudge some almond butter on my bananas to make them more tasty!

As a general rule, try to look for items that have less ingredients, because that means less room for preservatives and unhealthy additions.

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