The Healing Room


With winter approaching, I’m starting to feel overly nostalgic about my tropical paradise in Tulum. I’ve realized that I can’t stop writing about it, which proves how passionately I feel.

Where to stay? I swear by Sanara, an eco friendly boutique hotel overlooking the warm, crystal clear ocean Tulum has to offer. While planning my first trip with my mom, I did my Instagram research and was instantly mesmerized by this hotel. Unfortunately, when we tried to book a room, the hotel was completely full. We resumed to booking a decent hotel next door, aka our plan B. We were super bummed, but our excitement to see Tulum for the first time quickly healed our failed hotel reservations.

Once we pulled up to our hotel after our long travels, we were say the least. I walked over to Sanara to double check with the front desk that they were in fact booked up. By good luck, there was a last minute cancellation and a room became available. I like to believe that when something is meant to be, it will be.

Needless to say, every vacation since then has been spent at Sanara. Their yoga and meditation studio, combined with an organic cafe, makes it a euphoric healing center. Their spa is called the Wellness Center; I think that says it all.

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