The Perfect Nightstand


Nightstands are so crucial. Considering I spend a lot of my free time in bed, I use my nightstand for everything when I’m too lazy to move. I put my drinks, phone, snacks on my nightstand because they’re all in arms reach.

Besides nightstands being extremely useful, they’re also really fun to decorate.

A common theme that I seem to notice on nightstands are: lamp, flower, and decorative books.


On my mirrored nightstand, I have a Diptyque candle, a framed picture of Bridget Bardot (one of my favorite models ever), fresh flowers, a simple lamp, and an iron “C” for Cami.

Having a drawer in your nightstand is so practical. I store my remotes, chargers, lighters, hand creams, and room sprays in there. A perfectly discrete way to hide some of your not-so aesthetically pleasing handy items.

I’ve seen a lot of people put small coffee table books on their nightstands, depending on how big their nightstand is. I don’t like clutter and mine is pretty small, so I like to keep mine a little more minimalistic.

I’m always burning a candle, so I keep my favorite candle lit, next to my bed until right before I go to sleep. It leaves the best smell in my room.

If you have a simple bedside table, you can funk it up with a cool light fixture. I always like to combine simple with a statement piece.

Picking a cool, vintage bedside table and pairing it with something more modern can be a funky combination.

If you have a larger bedroom and have extra space, do double bedside tables. It adds symmetry and can make a room more elegant. Only put two bedside tables if you really have the room for it.

Although iPhones have replaced clocks, adding a cool clock as decoration is always acceptable.


If your room has neutral colors (blacks, greys, whites, creams), you can add a pop of color in the nightstand to give the room some life. I usually pick colorful flowers to do that job for me. If not, dainty little gold accents can give the room that lift you’re looking for.

Something that always looks good while decorating is playing around with sizes and heights. For example, picking the same candles but in varying sizes.


Make sure the colors on your nightstand coordinate with your room and your bedding. They should stay in the same color family and flow with the style of the room.

And guys, bedside tables aren’t only for women. You can decorate your bedside table with some masculine and bold books, or decorative pieces. Stay simple and clean. Using darker colors will help in giving a more masculine feel.

Remember: LESS IS MORE

  • Olivia van Laack

    Love your blog – so thoughtful and stylish. Would love to see your vanity & most worn jewelry! I’m a jewelry addict and yours always looks so dainty and pretty. Good luck on all future endeavors! Xx

    • Cami Morrone

      I will definitely look into a post about my jewelry in the future! Thanks for the support :)

  • Naz

    Gorgeous photographs and everything looks so modern and sleek. Loved everything, but would’ve liked to know here you got that beautiful nightstand and mirror! x

  • Janaína Bonvino

    I love your tips, you have a real good taste for the things.
    Also love the way that you write!
    Waiting for further posts


  • ashley gray

    please tell me where your headboard is from?

  • Lotta Suvanto

    Hey Cami! Love your blog! where did you buy the cute lamp on your nightstand? x