Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.16.10 AM1.) I have a thing for the color red, and I have an even bigger thing for Chanel. Combine the two, and I am happy as can be! When I first walked into the What Goes Around Comes Around L.A. location, I thought I had found heaven. For designer vintage lovers, this will be your new happy place. When I stumbled upon this bag, I knew I had found my new go-to for the season.
Summer time is creeping it’s way into NYC and Paris, and that means I have to put some of my black purses to rest. Summer is the perfect excuse for black-lovers to exit hibernation and incorporate new colors. Red has always been the color that I look to first if black is no longer a fitting option. You get that same edginess while branching out from the monochromatic look that everyone can get trapped in. 


Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 6.52.31 PM

2.) I have been obsessed with cuban links since I was young. For my birthday last year, I was gifted a rose gold chain link bracelet that I haven’t taken off my wrist. I’m currently drooling over this vintage CC (Chanel) choker necklace. It is such a statement piece and an easy way to dress up an outfit. When styling with a statement piece, you must keep everything else minimal. Let the attention be on the jewelry! Looking for vintage accessories? WGACA has an enormous selection of jewels worth investing in!



3.) While traveling, I love a good pair of comfy sneakers.You don’t have to compromise style for comfort. This summer, I am planning a trip to Europe, where I know I will be spending all day on my feet. The beauty about traveling is exploring, and most of the time, the best way to do that is through walking. I don’t want the hassle of pulling over to buy band-aids; I don’t want my mood to be altered because my feet are blistering.


Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 6.59.18 PM

4.) My Are You Am I chokers travel with me everywhere I go. Since I’m always on a plane, I keep a bag of chokers in my purse because they are light and easy to pack. That is my go-to way in making an outfit have more edge. I have every size in black velvet!



5.) I am currently paying the price of a painful sunburn. It has been years since I got sunburnt because I am so anal about applying sunscreen. It happens to the best of us! I laid out in Malibu yesterday, thinking that the sun wasn’t strong because it was cloudy. I will not make that mistake again. I like to believe (as my skin is peeling) that I learned a lesson and it was a friendly reminder to take care of my skin!

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