Tulum Food Diary


My trip to Tulum was filled with an overwhelming amount of (healthy) food, which all happened to be insanely photogenic. Most of my meals were spent at the organic, picturesque restaurant named the Real Coconut Cafe. Their menu is dairy, gluten, refined sugar free, and most often grain free.

I wait all year to get the “Vanilla Almond Bliss” smoothie, which is made of medjool dates, almond butter, and fresh vanilla pod. The chef replaces milk with home pressed coconut milk, an alternative to dairy. The best part about the restaurant is that everything is organic and healthy. Nothing is fried, and they use fresh local ingredients. I didn’t feel guilty for eating 5 big meals a day because I was nourishing my body with good food.

The Real Coconut cafe is famous for it’s smoothies, and green juices. Their menu varies from “healing green” to “banana split” and “choco nutty”. Most of the trees surrounding the hotel are coconut trees. I swear I drink more coconut water than regular water when I am in Tulum. I’m beyond obsessed with coconut water because it provides your body with electrolytes and tastes really yummy. Every time I go to a Whole Foods super market, I pick up a whole coconut because I don’t like the “bottled coconut water”.

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