Urban Outfitters x Festival Style


The most famous weekend of the year is just around the corner- and it is the weekend that we’ve all been waiting so eagerly for. Celebrities, artists, and music lovers from all of the world fly in to spend a hot weekend in the desert listening to some of the most popular artists of our generation. And, needless to say, attending the best parties of the year…Yep, I’m talking about Coachella!

When it comes to Coachella, the festival style is just as significant as the music. Every year, I’m that girl that has a mini breakdown the night before Coachella because she thinks she has nothing to wear. That’s where Urban Outfitters comes into play; their new collection is dedicated to getting you and your girlfriends festival ready! Us girls have just as much fun getting our outfits prepared as we do at the actual festival. I mean, if only you could see the text messages we send the night before the festival. If I’m making Coachella sound like a runway show, it is!

Sneak over to Urban Outfitters to start snatching some affordable Coachella 2016 essentials now! P.S. Do yourself a favor and buy the polaroid camera; you and your girls are not going to regret it.

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